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Mankind and the hunt in Tyrol 


The hunting scenes which can be seen in the frescos of Runkelstein Castle showing hunts for bear, wild boar, stag, ibex and chamois, as well as hunting scenes in other picturesque castles, mansions and historic farmhouses in the Tyrol, offer a valuable insight into the history of hunting. From these works of art, we can learn a lot about the types of hunting and the hunting techniques used in the past. The exhibition explores the history of hunting from prehistory until the modern period.

The exhibition will open on Friday 19th June 2020!

The Runkelstein Castle

11th July + 15th August

The interesting issue for adults and children and the theme of the new exhibition "Mankind and the hunt inTyrol"

Do you recognize the tracks of the different animals?

Have you ever made a fishing net by yourself? 

Do you recognize the coat of the different animals?

Do you know which dishes they made with the venison in the Middle Ages?
Did you already see the hunting scenes in the frescoes of Runkelstein Castle?
Do you know which weapons and equipment they used for hunting in the Middle Ages?


Come to Runkelstein Castel and discover all these things! We have prepared a lot of interesting activities for you!

Entrance fee:

Adults: 8,00 €
Family ticket: 16,00 € (2 adults with children under 14)

Due to the current situation there could be some queue time at the entrance and to participate to the activities. Thanks for your comprehension!


Friday, 7th August 

Free entrance!

We suggest a reservation as there is only a limited number of seats available.

For information & reservation: tel. +39 0471 329808 or 

Events 2021


The initiative takes place on 3 days, with several events und happenings to discover some of the castles in and around Bolzano. Take a historical look at times gone by, take part to a show or exhibition, or just simply enjoy a good meal in a somewhat different setting!

Each castle offers particular themed events: Medievial shows, round tables and meetings with international celebrities, music, Medieval food and much more hidden behind their ancient walls.

The detailed programme will be published on

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