Schloss Runkelstein
Schloss Maretsch
Ruine Rafenstein

Runkelstein Castle


4th - 6th June 2022


Experience the Middle Ages with all your senses.

Runkelstein Castle, the ruins of Rafenstein Castle just above Bozen, Eppan Castle, Boymont Castle, Trostburg Castle and the ruins of Festenstein are brought back to life by historical re-enactments with ladies and knights. Guided tours and excursions are also on the programme.

Here you can download the detailed programme of the single castles.

Life, death, miracles - Henry of Bolzano
11th June 2022 - 08.01.2023


On 10 June 1315, as if by a miracle, all the bells of the city of Treviso spontaneously tolled in proclamation of the death of Henry of Bolzano. Crowds thronged the streets headed for the cathedral where, for days, the faithful kept vigil over the body of the man who for so many years had lived among them as a simple pious labourer. Soon, pilgrims came from far and wide to pray at his tomb. And sure enough, the first miraculous events began to occur and so it was decided that a chapel should be consecrated in Henry’s honour. The life, virtues and wonders of this humble worker was documented, and a delegation was sent to the pope in Avignon to ask for Henry’s canonization.

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Our new free audioguide is online.
During your visit of Runkelstein Castle you get to know the Medieval world through the extraordinary cycle of frescoes.
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