castel roncolo ambienti bolzano


Exploring the frescoed rooms of Runkelstein Castle, visitors can immerse themselves in the Middle Ages. Beginning from the West Palace, with its frescoes depicting the world of the medieval court, visitors continue to the Summer Palace containing unique depictions of Tristan and Isolde and the Arthurian cycle. Continuing, the East Palace leads to castle keep, which offers an incredible view of the city of Bolzano.

Stua da Bagno

The so called ‘Stua da bagno’ (or bathing chamber) is distinguished by two remarkable features: the original decorated ceiling which dates back to the 14th century, depicting the star filled night sky; and the paintings of ladies, knights, and animals which welcome visitors from a painted gallery of loggias on the walls. The courtly elegance of the clothing and jewellery, and the dynamic movements of the subjects make this room come alive! The name of the room can be traced back to 19th century when the room was mistakenly identified as the bathroom chamber. The confusion came about due to the anatomical preparatory drawings on the wall which were misinterpreted as naked figures intending to immerse themselves in a bathtub.

Chamber of Tournaments

Chamber of Tournaments shows off the castle owners’ familiarity with the most important aspects of courtly lifestyle and leisure, thus confirming the owners’ status. The frescos depict hunting, which was an integral part of the cultural and physical education of medieval knights and nobles, as well as being a symbol of courtship. Also depicted is dancing, playing ball games and the medieval tournament. In the latter, knights, clad in splendid armour, struggle to unhorse each other while their squires rush to their aid.

The Summer Palace

On the exterior facade of the Summer Palace, which was built around 1400, visitors can admire the so-called triads: historical and legendary figures in groups of three. These depictions would have inspired noble and heroic conduct in the original viewers. Among the triads, you can meet Julius Caesar, King David, and King Arthur. Inside the building, there is a breathtaking cycle of frescoes dedicated to "Tristan and Isolde" by Gottfried von Strassburg.  The Arthurian cycle in the second internal room contains one of the oldest fresco representations of the Round Table.