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Guided Tours

Visitors to Runkelstein Castle can be accompanied by one of our expert guides. See below for further information and to choose the type of guided visit which suits you best.  

Individual Visitors

  • Guided tours in German - Every day at 2.30 p.m., tours last approximately 50 minutes.
  • Guided tours in Italian - Every day at 3.30 p.m., tours last approximately 50 minutes.
  • Limited number of participants. Booking in advance is recommended.

Private Groups and School Groups

To arrange tours for private groups and school groups, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Themed Itineraries

Rather than providing a general overview of all the frescoes, these fascinating themed educational itineraries focus on particular details in order to delve deeper into specific themes such as fashion, games, animals, and food in the Middle Ages.

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Dragons! Unicorns! Griffins! Runkelstein Castle is full of fantastic creatures. What do you say we go looking for them?

This tour is designed for younger children, and it explores both the real and mythical animals which inhabit the frescos of the castle. The conclusion of the tour involves the children creating their own coat of arms choosing from the animals they have met around the castle and also inventing their fantastic beasts.

Duration: 1h30
Price: € 2,50 per person + € 25,00 per class for the guide
Target Age Group: 4 - 10 years


What exactly did people eat in the Middle Ages? Which dishes were medieval classics, and which exotic culinary developments were introduced through trade and cultural exchange? In this fascinating itinerary older children can discover how several factors, such as what was available, a person’s social status, and the culinary traditions of the specific region, influenced the diet of the castle’s original inhabitants. The participants of the tour will journey from humbles kitchens to sumptuous banquet halls discovering medieval flavours, ingredients and bizarre recipes. Enjoy your meal!

Duration: 1h30
Price: € 2,50 per person + € 25,00 per class for the guide
Target Age Group: 12-18 years


In this journey of discovery, the participants discover the secrets of medieval fashion such as how people dressed and how long it took to make clothes in the Middle Ages. The materials, fabrics, and production methods will be explained, as will the role which social class played in tailoring and choice of garments.

Duration: 1h30
Price: € 2,50 per person + € 25,00 per class for the guide
Target Age Group: 8-18 years


New 2022/2023

Life in the Middle Ages wasn’t all sieges and plagues! Just like people today, medieval people loved to play. But what were the most popular games in the Middle Ages? The frescoes of Castel Roncolo, filled with dramatic scenes of hunting and tournaments, as well as dances and ball games give us a unique window into this incredible world of medieval leisure activities. During the visit, participants will also have the opportunity to try out some of the games.

Duration: 1h
Price: € 2,50 per person + € 25,00 per class for the guide
Target Age Group: 4-10