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The castle

The castle was erected by the two brothers Friedrich and Beral, Lords of Wangen.

The brothers Niklaus and Franz Vintler, descendants of an old and wealthy merchant family

of Bozen bought the castle in 1385 and let it illuminate inside and outside with the frescoes.

360° panorama view in the "Badestube" (Bathroom)

The so-called summer-house was erected in 1390 by the Vintlers too. Inside you can see

the terra- verde (green-earth) – paintings with the themes of the novel of Tristan and Isold

and one of the oldest presentations of king Arthur’s round table as a wall-painting.

Tristan fights the dragon, Tristan Room

Contrary to the literary themes of the summer-house you can find inside

the western palace in five rooms scenes of the daily life of the nobles.

Especially fascinating is the chamber of bath and the hall of the joust.

Joust, Tournaments’ Room

In summary it may be said that the frescoes are a testimony of the daily life of the nobles,

the fashion of this time, the joust and the ideas of the end of the 14th century and

an art-historical, invaluable jewel of the medieval time.

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